Born and raised in Täby, Stockholm. Started to write songs by the age of 16. Studies at Kulturama, The Royal Musical High-school/Music Science and Skinnskattebergs Folk High-school/Song. Singer in a band called Rockslaget 95-97 playing at Hasselbacken, Gamla Stans Bryggeri, Stampen in Stockholm among others.
Released the first Independent Album 2004 called “Noisiness&Restlessness”, distribution FLC.

“For many years I worked as a waitress/bartender, Daily News Café, Bern´s, Erik´s Stockholm, Grand Hotel Marstrand. I enjoyed that time, but there was always something missing inside of me… I kept coming back to the music.
I guess I need the music and lyrics to express myself. Through the songs I can breathe more easily. I am a better mummy and a cooler wife..
Some people seem very strong on the outside and fit the job-advertises perfectly; Flexible, positive, split vision capacity, co-operative, fast, measuring, workaholic…
I want to be focused, serious, filled with lust, sometimes dark, relaxed, engaged, silent, watchful…

Sincerely Kerstin Stilling”